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Moving crude oil safely and effectively.

Creating long term relationships with shippers, producers and partners.

Performing our business with integrity and professionalism.


Who We Are

Empire Midstream LLC (“Empire”) is a dynamic growth oriented midstream development, investment, operating and management company. Empire develops and invests in midstream ventures through affiliated companies and provides all-inclusive operating and management services to those affiliated companies and others. Empire is dedicated to developing and investing in low-risk ventures that offer significant returns on investment, while providing its services in a safe and reliable manner with the utmost quality service, integrity and transparency. Empire is committed to operating and maintaining our assets according to all federal, state and local laws and safety and environmental rules and regulations.

Please explore our website to learn more about Empire and our affiliated companies, operating and management services, safety procedures, and more.

Safety drives everything we do.

Please visit or in case of emergency.


Our Team

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Our Name

When Everard Marks acquired his first pipeline (after his joint venture in Harvest-Marks Pipeline, LLC), the throughput from the new pipeline terminated at the Empire Terminal in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. Hence, the company was named Empire Pipeline LLC. Thereafter, as the name Empire became synonymous with Mr. Marks and other projects we were pursuing, the name of the original Empire Pipeline LLC was changed to Breton Sound Gathering LLC, and a new Empire Pipeline LLC was formed as the development, operating and management company for our midstream ventures and affiliated companies.

Since our inception as a development, operating and management company, Empire has expanded beyond crude oil pipelines to include a crude oil terminal, a drilling fluid processing and solutions facility, saltwater disposal wells for oil and gas produced and filtered flowback water, and management services for others. So with our more diverse portfolio in the oil and gas midstream sector, we decided to change our name to Empire Midstream LLC. Our new identity more accurately reflects our expanded footprint of midstream businesses and services.

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